Thursday, May 03, 2007

News At Last

I guess I can divulge the secret from last week now as it seems it might become reality. I will be hauling some extra poundage in the form of a helmet camera and associated gear for PMBAR.

That’s right folks, we are going to be on TV or something. That is, unless I manage to crash so hard that the magnetic force field from Earth erases all the recordings on the nine tapes I will be carrying. I may have to call my buddy Hugh Heffner and get a fluff bunny to change out tapes for me. I think it is only fair.

So how did all of this happen? I am not quite sure myself, one moment, I was worrying about how many electrolytes to carry and now I am worrying about how many tapes to carry. All I really know is that Emergen-C has upped the ante for the actual helmet cam, BradO (poor unlucky soul) is providing the actual camera and I am the sucker that gets’s to "carry" the idea from conception to reality.

I am supposed to be talking with somebody from Emergen-C to find out what their “goals” are for this. Ummmm, maybe they want to see how many times I fall walking? How many times Joe cusses me out for losing our way and the map?

The result could be really interesting especially considering I will be riding a rigid bike, things might be kind of shaky, Blair Witch style filming.

Enough about that, we will eventually either see what the outcome is or we won’t. Last night Blair and I met up with D-Kuntz and BrouSSard out at Dupont. We saw BradO’s car in the lot but he was already out capturing everything organic on film.

We started off on Dusty-over and then rode up to the Airstrip where we saw somebody standing at the end. I turned to BrouSSard and said “That is BradO, I can tell because he has his photographer elbow kicked out to the side.” Sure enough he was already snapping pictures.

I let BrouSSard lead down Airstrip and he commenced to lead a blistering pace down through the dust. At the bottom of airstrip, there is a pretty hefty log ride that I finally cleaned with the help of “Kodak Courage,” as BrouSSard would say.
Thanks for the pictures Brad! I think Brad takes pictures in his sleep.

It was a great ride, nice and easy on the legs, plenty of beer afterwards.


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jpelton said...


If you get tired of filming my excellent line selection, supperb bike handling skills, and superhuman ability to climb, you can hand the poundage over to me to fill your graceful rolls down the mountain. 8-0
See Ya!