Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Thought You Was A Toad

Wow, I am a new man after last night. I made the normal circuit around Paris. It was hard after 9 days off the bike. Ride at Dupont tonight at 5:30 for those who are interested. We will meet at Fawn Lake access.

I was out at Paris later than I normally am and I ran into quite a few hikers. One lady was walking very slowly wither her walkman, so I stopped to let her pass when she looked up and said “Come on, ain’t no reason for you to be losin’ yo momentum.” She must be a single speeder.

The only other incident to report on was at the end of the ride as I was coming down Mountain Creek. I came around a corner to a dog flying up the trail. With a quick snap of the brakes and a little body English I was able to maneuver around the dog. Quickly thereafter I saw the owner riding a bike. That was scary, a couple feet in the wrong direction and the owner would have a dog with a 29’er nose. I don’t know if that makes him a four legged 9’er or what but people need to keep their dogs leashed up at Paris. Its just too busy for that stuff.

I felt decent on the bike and I was happy that I could ride my bike with no major mechanicals without a shop visit after PMBAR. I forgot my chain lube though and man my chain was mad about that. It told me so with every pedal revolution.

That's it for today. I will take my camera to Dupont tonight for all of you who can't go without riding pictures 8-)


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Blair G. said...

Blair here...
Hope you enjoy Dupont today. I'm being a roady all week so I'm sorry you don't get to wait up for me at the top of each climb. Assuming you go next week I'd be up for a car pool. Adios.