Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dookie For Dennis

Wednesday is currently my favorite night of the week. As I was hovering over the trail that is Reasonover last night, I realized that I sometimes take these trails for granted. I am so lucky to be able to ride on the trails that I love during the week.

(Photo courtesy of Cook)

David Cook, Zach BrouSSard, Clay Idon’tevenknowyourlastnameClay and David George all convened for the Wednesday night ride.

We took an unconventional route of:

Reasonover --> Lake Julia --> Conservation Road --> Shelter Rock --> Corn Mill shoals out and back to Bridal Veil Falls --> Corn Mill Shoals up the steep and down by the stream --> Shoals --> Laurel Ridge --> Mine Mountain to the top turn around and come back down --> Airstrip --> Shelter Rock --> Lake Julia Road --> Reasonover

There is so much to be said about just riding around the Fawn Lake area as fast as our legs would take us and just trying to stay on single track the entire time.

I wasn’t sure how my light was going to work out as I have problems with the bar mount. Well Zach promptly took care of things for me. I am just a total nincompoop when it comes to things like that. Thanks Zach!

As we were climbing Reasonover, I stopped to check out a black snake that was about 4 feet long. After the snake was tired of us all gawking over it, it slithered back into a hole in the ground. I could here the sound of some BBC British accent commenting as the snake went into solace.

Somehow I found myself in the lead going up Reasonover and coming down was more fun than ever. I love it when I have people eating up my back wheel on that trail as it forces me to the edge of control.

According to David George’s GPS we did 15 miles and 2000 feet of climbing. Everyone was climbing like a champ last night. David George A.K.A Professional Up-Hiller normally doesn’t like to showcase his skills but last night was an exception. Going up Mine Mountain he was killing it, he left it all out there, nice work.

As we were flying back down Mine, the dark had just crept up on us and we were all burning our lights. As I came around one corner, I saw a bat swoop in front of my light and it immediately slowed down to where I was going to pass it. I had to do a quick shoulder dip as to avoid vampire rabies.

Headed back up Reasonover I found myself second in line climbing behind Beefcake. I pushed as hard as I could after he forced a little gap on me and caught back up. He heard me back there, turned it up a notch and I was toasted wheat bread. I had to let Zach go by as I knew I was slowing him down and now I had left it all out there too.

Awesome night!

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Beefcake said...

Nice post senor mater. Great riding last night. you were SMOKIN!