Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rambo Gear

If you couldn’t tell by Monday’s post, Kristin and I adopted a new friend from Pets Inc. in Columbia. They are a non-profit that helps with cats and dogs. Everyone there is super-friendly and willing to help. They are very over-crowded with dogs at the moment.

“Shade” was an easy choice with his mild manners and ability to shun off other dogs that bark at him. He is not much of a barker unless he sees someone he doesn’t like. He supposedly is a Dutch Shepherd, but he doesn’t seem to fit the description too well yet. Besides the fact that I think he can smell the Earth’s core cooling with that nose of his.

So an update on some rides as of late. Saturday found Toby and I at Lynch’s woods. The trails are in great shape due to some hard work put in by somebody. . . Clint is that you? There was a huge tree that was cut and moved.

Toby showed up with some sort of Rambo gear on for Lynch’s. I thought for sure I would see his knee pop off and fly into the woods but he kept on churning the pedals over and over.

Sunday we headed out to Manchester for some hiking with Shade and once again Toby and I were rummaging the trails that make up part of the Sumter National Forest.

Last time I was out at Manchester a certain mechanic from a certain shop decided to take a trip off of a little skinny bridge down into a ditch. Therefore we have deemed this Cookie’s Ravine as the said mechanic’s nickname is Cookie Monster.

So we stopped and took a long look at Cookie’s ravine up on the Palmetto Trail wondering how it might have sounded as CM”s fate plunged him off his two wheeled machine into the ditch.

Last night Rick and I met up for a spin at Paris Mountain. The ride was good, Rick is turning into a monster on the bike and I have no idea how to keep up with him. Coming up the backside of the mountain inside the park Rick said “We aren’t going to speed up this are we?” I said “No” and then he proceeded to blow me out of the water on the way up. I was giving it everything I had and no dice.

Rick keeps a plastic banana strapped to the back of his camel bak. As he rode by some walkers I was still close enough to hear a little girl yell “He has a banana!” Then as I rode by I said my hellos and the little girl said in a very disappointed voice “He doesn’t have a banana.”

I think I see a pattern . . .



Anonymous said...

that's pretty funny about the bananna, congrats on the new mutt!


allan said...

Awwwww..sweet looking puppy. hows the new house going?