Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ludicrous Speed

I finally finished a project that has lacked my attention for quite some time. I took my old set of wheels and converted them using some slicks I picked up at the local shop.

This is where it is great to be rolling on a 29’er because I just throw the slicks on with a stout gear 32X15 and I am rolling fast. So I did a little road exploring from my house over the past couple days. I wrote down some cue sheets to help me find my way around my new town but of course I left the sheets lying on my desk at work both days.

Ever since I started riding my bike up to the top of Paris Mountain, I wondered how far I could push the gearing and still make it to the top. On Monday I took off from the house with a goal to pedal the bike to the top of Paris. Even though I forgot my cue sheet it isn’t too hard to find Paris from my house. About ten minutes into the ride I had this view:

Yes that “hump” in the background is Paris and where I will be shortly. Climbing the backside isn’t so bad and I made haste to the top.

After I made it to the King of the Mountain spot, I shot straight back down the same way. I was rewarded with a high speed descent on a mountain with a setting sun calling out to me on the way down.

Yesterday I wrote down another cue sheet to get to Pleasant Ridge State Park off of Highway 11. I again forgot the sheet but somehow remembered all the turns and names of streets to get me to the park. The back country roads are pretty sweet and I was only on Highway 11 for a ½ mile.

Why would I do all of this when I consider myself a dedicated mountain biker? Well, for now I am just route finding to my favorite mountain bike spots. I believe I have a route from my house to Dupont mapped out pretty well and after last night’s experiment to get to highway 11, I think the ride to Dupont should be pretty feasible even with one gear and a semi slicked Drunken Monkey. I will find out soon enough!

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