Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Season For Bats

Our first official night ride was last night for the Wednesday night Dupont ride. Luckily Dennis hooked me up with a set of lights as I am awaiting some lights from New Zealand, more on that later.

First off, the new news, Mr. Cook put together a little ride report of his own. I guess the suffering that Eric ensued on him in the Double Dare has given him an inspiration to write his feelings of two wheeled adventures down in the sphere that is Blog.

There were only three of us last night and as this is Dennis’ last Wed night ride for awhile, we were chatty. It was a great night. We took the following route:

Fawn Lake loop --> Airstrip --> Laurel Mountain --> Shoals --> Corn Mill Shoals --> Burnt Mountain --> Corn Mill Shoals --> Big Rock --> Cedar Rock (long way down) --> Little River --> Corn Mill Shoals --> Shoals --> Airstrip (out and back) --> Mine Mountain

Good stuff for sure. I was able to compare the night rider HID to the LED that Zach and I purchased last night. There are differences in the light and I won’t be able to give a full report until I actually ride with the new light. I am excited about the LED though.
Yes, apprently people are getting a little sarcastic at the ol pont.

Driving back home down Green River Road is crazy these days. The bats swarm my car and swoop in front of me to catch bugs. Apparently Sonar doesn’t always work 100% for the little suckers as I heard one of them smack the car recently.

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