Thursday, October 04, 2007

Over The Top

It seems as though I am finally getting over this sinus cold action that started last week. That is real good because on Tuesday night when Tim, Bill and I all rode Paris, every bump I hit felt like it was jarring my teeth out.

We had a great group show up for Dupont last night; Zach, David George, David Cook, Shane, Dennis and Jeremy. We made quick work of a short loop. You can tell that the days are getting shorter and the “getting in shape” season is behind us. There are still some races to attend and some fitness humps to grind but all in all, we are just out to have a good time in the woods.

What a great time of the year for it too. Right now there are just a few scattered wet leaves on the trails and the recent mild rains have the trails nice and tacky for your tire gripping pleasure.

We knocked out a short loop of:

Fawn Lake Loop --> Scarlet Oak Trail --> Conservation Road --> Reasonover --> Lake Julia Road --> Camp Summit Road --> Airstrip --> Shelter Rock --> Corn Mill Shoals --> Laurel Ridge --> Mine Mountain

When we got done D. George declared that it was “the shortest route we have ever gone on.” I guess it is about time to break out the lights. Another topic of discussion that is not quite illuminating yet.

Apparently Jeremy had a good slippery fall on a fallen tree last night and had to take off as his arm was bothering him. Get well dude, you have to lead a Goat Death March sometime soon.

Another moment to note as always was Airstrip. Zach took off in the lead with me taking the chase spot. Zach looked a little less shake N' bake coming down this time. I think it had something to do with his warm-up routine.

In the world of great news, check out the new conservation efforts at Dupont. I haven’t met either of the two families but they are good folks in my book!

I will be in Columbia this weekend looking for some miles. Hit me up if you want to ride.

When I turn my hat around, it is like flipping a switch to my sinuses.


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jpelton said...

I got girls soccer on Saturday at 12:45 so a morning ride is out. I might can make it Sunday Morning if you are still around.
Let me know.