Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Snakes On A Trail

I was able to ride my two wheeled dirt chompin machine this weekend. Joe and I got out on Friday at Harbison State Forest for a quick spin through the park. Besides me feeling like crappola there wasn’t too much to write home about, except for the giant Anaconda that was flopping around on the trail.

After our first small loopa, we headed toward Lost Creek. I was finally feeling decent and able to turn the cranks when I heard Joe screaming like a little girl who just dropped her ice cream cone. I looked up and didn’t see any reason to be screaming. That is when I looked down and there right in front of my wheel was some brown snake in the “I am gonna bite your ass S formation” literally flopping up and down on the trail. I used every ounce of my energy that I had left to thrust-bunny-hop my bike over the writhing creature. Thank the lord I didn’t feel any stinging sensations as I flew inches above the beast. After this episode, I was spent.

If you are reading this and you ride Manchester, remember that it is now closed on all days except for Sunday until December 15th.

I met up with some of the Harrell’s entourage on Sunday for a right of passage. Ok actually just a mountain bike ride but right of passage is just wrong, sorry about that.

Nothing to really report besides the fact that Cookie Monster (yes that name is actually on his bike) decided that after all the warnings about wet slippery bridges. He would still try and mutilate himself on a bridge crossing near the Palmetto Trail.

Actually it was on the Palmetto trail, one section in the park that is not closed to bikes and it is really sweet stuff. Not many people know about it, it is on a high ridge with lots of climbing (for the midlands) and just a great trail in general. There is one tricky switchback with a creek crossing right in the middle that stubs people up almost always. After almost shearing his rear de-rayler (I hate spelling that word, that is why I ride a single speed) off, Joe cleaned the ditch switch back. It was impressive.

Great Dirt, Great rides,


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Palmetto Solo said...

I missed yet another ride with ya. Too many beers, and way too late to hitting the sack. Hopefully next time