Monday, October 29, 2007

Full Moon Weekend

I was up and at em’ on Saturday morning headed to Paris for some trail work. When I got there I saw no trail crew so I went inside the main building and come to find out there was no trail day. They had cancelled it due to lack of response. Crap, where in the email did it ask for a response? Oh well, the trail work is on for next weekend.

The rest of the weekend was all about Halloween and being in the woods. On Sunday, I met David George, Z. BrouSSard and we had a surprise guest Blair as he just showed up to Fawn Lake at the same time as us.

Zach is the fast one in our group, I often enquire on how he has become such a skinny racer boy. This week he gave me lesson number 4,682, eat a proper breakfast:

After our breakfast, we headed out for a unconventional route of:

Reasonover, Turkey Gap, Holly Mountain (counter clockwise), Pinnacle Mountain, Johanna Road, Grassy Meadows, Johanna Road, Twin Oaks, Briery Fork, Johanna Road, Buck Forest Road, Sheep Mounatin, Pine Tree Trail, Longside, Corn Mill Shoals, Shoals, Laurel Ridge, Mine Mountain

An interesting site as we rolled up Reasonover, you might have to click to see it but we saw two pack Llamas being escorted through the woods. We didn’t ask but I think they were headed to Siberia.

The leaves are just beginning to become a nuisance. By nuisance, I mean that you have to start riding loose to make sure you don’t get your lunch eaten by a hidden rock. Johanna was rockier than ever as the recent rains have changed the trail and all previous lines are awash.

I took this route particularly so that we could hit Twin Oaks in the downward facing direction. It was good fun too. The climb back up Sheep Mountain almost tore my legs off which led to a bit of walking coming up Longside.

Here are the ride profiles thanks to David George:

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