Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rides Rides Rides

The weather is cooperating nicely for a Paris Mountain ride. So leave those fancy road machines at home and bring your mountain bike for some fun.

Check the new Icycle site out. I can’t wait for this race. It is going to be killer. The mysterious free lance web guy has got another sweet logo kicking. I was going to promote it here but there is no way for me to do that without stealing bandwidth from their site. Can a brother get a logo for promoting another brother’s race?

Late Edit: Ask and you shall receive. Thanks Brado!

A couple of rides to note:

Tomorrow night at Dupont! Meet at the Fawn Lake access around 6:15. Come on Dave this one’s for you. I know you still have a bicycle.

December 28th Joe and I are hitting up Pisgah around the Horse Stables.

December 30th Pisgah mountain guide extraordinaire is taking us for a jaunt through Wilson’s Creek. This will be a pre-New Year’s celebratory ride.

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