Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Coleman Boundary

A photo snapped from a waterfall in Jones Gap State Park.

I got a four hour guided tour of Coleman Boundary from Jeremy this past Saturday. We knew it was going to be wet but Jeremy told me not to worry because it was mostly rock gardens anyway. Sweet, perfect to give the Walt Works a true test.

We started out below the clouds and fog climbing a gravel road. Soon we switched to a short hike a bike up a real steep rocky section. I couldn’t contain myself since Jeremy had the camera out so I hiked up a section and came down for some action shots. As I hiked up, I wondered if I should really be tackling a steep rocky section this early in the day but I nailed it and we continued on.

Soon we were at the top of the first decent of the day. I let Jeremy lead and I came around the first corner and found Jeremy lying on the ground. Whoops, he collected himself and we moved on.

The water from the ground was cold and I was dumb when I got ready so I was getting cold quickly. The rocks were insanely slippery and everywhere. From baby heads to boulders, they rocked my world.

Halfway down the trail I realized I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. The only way I knew how hard I was squeezing on the brake levers, was by how fast I was stopping.

Coleman is definitely a place that I will be visiting again. We hit some great trails and there are some awesome sights as well.

I don’t ask for bike related Christmas gifts. However, I have Ms. Creativity in my life and she “gets it.”

I know for a fact that I am the only living person with a personalized Karate Monkey ornament. Yes, I rock and you all are jealous. Ok, I am kidding about that part.

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday.

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Sir Belt Buckle said...

Man, that rocks! You're right. She does "get it" and you, my friend, are lucky indeed.