Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dupont Doe

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I met up with Jeremy last night for a spin through Dupont. I got there a little early and took off for a pre-warm-up.

I went out to the Airstrip and saw six deer grazing in the field. The little ones stuttered as though they wanted to run but mommy and daddy must have told them to stay put as I was not a threat. You gotta love Single Speed's for their noiseless compliancy.

Going down Airstrip I saw another white tail bouncing in front of me at the bottom of the trail. I saw more deer in fifteen minutes than most hunters have probably seen all year.

I took the quick route back to the lot and found Jeremy getting ready. We took the following route:

Reasonover --> Turkey --> Holly Mountain --> Reasonover --> Airstrip --> Shelter Rock --> New section of Corn Mill Shoals --> Shoals --> Laurel Ridge --> Mine Mountain

We started with a pretty quick clip and kept it that way the entire ride. I was able to keep it under control last night even though at times following Mr. Goat Epics was causing me to push it pretty hard. He has gears after all.

He would cruise ahead of me on the flats and then when the trail kicked back up my bike would float right back up behind him.

I was able to make it up all the steep climbs even though it was my second hard effort in two days. I assembled about 40 hard miles over the past two days. Its surely time for a rest.

Rider out.

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Jeremy said...

Yo, that was a great ride. Average speed was around 10 miles a hour. Sweet! You made my legs hurt a bit on the climb chasing you up Corn Mill Shoals. I'm still down for Coleman's If you are.

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