Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bad Idea Riding

I had to take that one from TeamDicky. That is what I am going to do tonight. Even though my riblet says no to most of my movements, I am still riding tonight. I have to go on a Bidness trip next week, so I can let it heal then and over Christmas.

Come ride Paris Mountain tonight if you live in the area.

Everyone in Bloggerland is talking about 2007. I am not going to open my mouth about too many races this year. When you tell important people in your life about things that you want to do, there is an obligation that runs deep into the soul. I do know what races I will be doing for sure:

The cross country single speed and downhill at the Icycle.

Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race! Nothing else needs to be said.

Shenandoah Mountain 100/75. Hopefully I will be doing the 100 mile option this year.

That is all I am committing to right now. Sure its not a very long list but I don’t even know what bike I will be riding in 2007 yet. I can guarantee that I could take the 2007 endurance bike here though. Do big wheels fit under a Christmas Tree?


Sir Belt Buckle said...

You're damn right 29-ers fit under the tree!

Anonymous said...

not doing the BURN 24? want to support me then? it'll be really fun, i promise. i will reimburse you with lots and lots and lots and lots of good beer.

ExtrmTao said...


The Burn may end up being my first attempt at a solo 24 hour attempt.

I haven't decided or committed yet. I do know that it is the best 24 hour race in the East though 8-)

namrita said...


hell yeah it is ;)