Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Outer Limits

I have a problem, admitting that problem is the first step to recovery. I ride beyond my limits when I acquire new equipment. Last night Dennis, Rick and I rocked all the trails at Paris.

My legs felt really good last night and I think that contributed to my outer-limit experience.

I was riding well but going down the tech section on Sulphur I decided I was a super-hero strung out on adrenaline. I was trying to beat my back wheel through the center of the earth when I realized I was on a roller coaster of disaster with nothing good about to happen. I managed to hold on through the thick of it all but I had a qualified dismount once I slowed to a non-death speed. It was an “exciting” moment to say the least.

Saw this guy rocking it last night. Good to see you are still rocking your mountain thingamajig.

I will be concentrating on riding within my limits tonight.

Dupont tonight!

Dupont can be creepy at night. That goose bump, hair standing on the back of your neck, heart rate zooming for no reason kind of creepy that digs deep into the soul. You don’t believe me? Ride out there by yourself at night and you will see.

We will be riding during a new moon tonight. So if the night is crisp we should get some awesome views of the Milky Way. Otherwise, it will be really really dark. The sort of dark that creeps around when Tim Burton directs a film.

Yikes! I’m thinking a back up light is in order tonight.

My Princess has given me Saturday free from any princessly duties so I can Mountain bike at Coleman Boundary. You rock Princess!

Just a note here, she would still be referred to as a princess even if I wasn’t biking on Saturday. I don’t want anybody in particular thinking that these things are conditional.



Team LandRover said...

yo, I was even rocking the single speed, secretly training to take down, BrouSSard, team dick, and evil tomatoes all in one fowl swoop. Maybe one day I'll get to venture up to the mountains once work/christmas slows down.

ExtrmTao said...

You needn't train secretly to take me down. Hell you don't even have to train.