Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I sit here at work late this evening with nothing really to do. It is just the way IT works. There is a ton of HUAW (Hurry UP And Wait) work. Plus the fact that I am stuck in the office until all of my co-workers finish their work. We only have one rental Mini-Van. Yah, we are rollin’ like pimps for sure in our Kia. I’ve heard it’s the Cadillac of Minivans.

Anyway, I thought I would take this opportunity to write down some thoughts I had a couple weeks ago while running. I often think about why I love doing the things that I am passionate about. I think coordination plays a key role for me.

As Michael will tell you, I was not a coordinated young man. I pretty much had a hard time with any coordination that went beyond hand-eye coordination. Thank God for Clecovision and Nintendo. I will admit that I was quite awkward while growing up.

Keeping this in mind, I took to snow skiing very quickly. I remember the first time my Pops took me to Paoli Peaks. I took a quick lesson on the bunny slope and then I was on my way to a coordinated addiction.

There is something special about being at harmony with your muscle reflexes. Creating that muscle memory is what it takes to become fluid or consistent at sport.

I am not saying that I am coordinated at Mountain Biking but I am definitely more coordinated skiing or mountain biking than I am at walking or running.

Being away from home makes me remember how much I take for granted.

Did anyone ride for me this week?


Turtle the Goat said...

Yo Mater,

Check your messages on MTBR about a special invite for a Earley New Year's Ride. Just think, " The Goat's Wee Little Turtle Epic". Kinda catchy don'tcha tink. It'll get you all giggly thinking about it as you have to suffer the Ridge in your Pimp Daddy Kia.

Dave said...

Basking Ridge, ah, the old home to AT&T. Check out Morristown NJ while you are in Basking Ridge. It is due north on 287 or 22 about 5-10 miles. 10 years ago they had a great bar scene on Thurs and Fridays- the Dublin Pub and the Palm Grill, back then. Worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

JWL, If I remeber right you were always coordianted unless it involved a ball. I remeber when roller blades were in and everyone had them except for you. You had the roller skates that attached to your shoes and you could skate circles around us. By the way this sounds dirty:-)(There is something special about being at harmony with your muscle reflexes. Creating that muscle memory is what it takes to become fluid or consistent)

ExtrmTao said...

Mr. Anonymous,

Who are you? You have extensive knowledge about me. It has to be Sake or Daddyo doesn't it? I am confused.

Yes I was bad with "moving ball" sports. However, put that ball on a little peg and I can smash the shit out of it with a club.