Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pisgah Report

Finally for some recon, I got out for a dark night in Pisgah for some fun. I have been weary of the conditions in Pisgah after the snow storms and rain but when I read about the Friday night ride on MTBR I couldn’t resist.

I started my ride at 5:30 with a quick out and back on Coontree. I was surprised at the conditions on the bottom section as the trail was surprisingly dry.

Once I met up with Clay and Zach for our ‘warm-up’ on Farlow I realized that not all the conditions were superb. The roads are completely drenched and the ride up Pilot Mountain road was harder than I ever remember. It is a constant zig zag battle to figure out where the ground feels semi-ride-able. The roads just beg for you to get off and walk sucking every last bit of your energy.

On the double track over to the top of Farlow we found some leftover shin deep snow drifts. For a small section we hit the “disaster line” with trees down everywhere even though all of Farlow is clear.

I fell four times coming down Farlow, the hardest of them all happened while hiking down a steep section.

We met up with the rest of the group on Daniel and continued our loop:

276 -> 475 -> Davidson River -> 475 -> Pilot Mountain Road -> Farlow -> Daniel (counter clockwise, turn around at the bottom for a repeat) -> Cove Creek -> 225 -> 475 -> 276 -> 477 -> Bennett Gap -> Coontree

We rode from clear skies on Cove Creek into intense fog on 477. A great night with 8 hours logged in the woods.

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