Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dupont Report

Of the trails that we dared ride for the WNDC yesterday evening, here is what I can report to you my reader.

Longside: Good condition, minimal impact from recent storms and currently dry.

Twixt: Increased ruts in spots, currently dry

Rock Quarry Road: Mostly clear, soft in spots

Buck Ridge Road: Clear, mostly dry

Micajah: Top rutted section is a disaster zone with increased rut damage from storms

Wilikie: Slick rock doesn’t erode good shape.

Big Rock: Very bottom is a rutted mess along with the normal wet spots, rest is good to go.

Cedar Rock Steep side: Same as Big Rock

Cedar Rock Long side: Good to go

Little River: Have you ever ridden it? Its wet.

Pine Tree: Good to go as Clay and I removed two sets of deadfall and it is dry.

Sheep Mountain: Good to Go

Isaac Heath and Locust: Good to Go

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