Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gorges Biking

As I was running next to Dennis while he spun the granny gear I said "You know why this is so hard? Because it isn't supossed to be Gorges Biking, its mountain biking."

Try riding your bike somewhere with "Gorges" in it and you will be in for some pain.

When you can't get a map this detailed anywhere, you take pictures of the map for consultation later. In the past two days I have logged close to 50 miles in Jocassee Gorges and I am sore.

Clay and I made the trip to Jumping off Rock on Friday and then a group of us made it back for a different route on Saturday.

Sunset on Jocasee from Jumping off Rock.

Clay prepares for the dark that is soon to come on the grueling 9 mile ride back to the trucks.

Saturday morning breakfast of champions for some unamed scandium rider.

We found some freshly graded roads, not all of it was finished though. . . (picture courtesy of ZB)

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