Monday, January 11, 2010

Desolate Parkway

The day started with some trail work on Bear Branch. The pine was frozen to the forest floor.

Creek crossings have new meanings in January when it is REAL COLD.

Alas but the parkway looks clear!!

The parkway won't be open to vehicles for quite some time.

Maybe it isn't all clear. . .

After the first tunnel, Clay mentioned death and frostbite so it was time to head home.

For warming up.

For cooling down.


Toby Porter said...

What Manimals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brado1 said...

that last pic just sucks!

couple of New Years days long ago Jaime and i rode 5000 spencer ,Trace, Lower trace crossed river to hit 1206 to Laurel Mtn Sass to Big creek down, Crossing rive at the bottom of Lower Trace i rode 3/4 way cross had to dab with a foot into the drink, Jamie made it half across and endo, fully submerged 30*F temps & was hating it.
that was a cold long climb up Yellow Gap road..
Then at the top he's nearly dried; goes to take a swig of gaterade and swoosh lid comes off... fuggin' soaked again.... good times good times... Big Creek is a challenge frzen a wet, i got wet 3 or time on those 15+ crossings.