Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dupont Greenways

If you think Dupont was “not technical” and “too smooth” for your liking then definitely don’t go out there for some time. Dennis and I braved the cold for what we thought was going to be a gravel grinder yesterday.

After ample supplies had been drunk we made our way toward Mine Mountain. As soon as I spied the trail and saw that it was all frozen over and we made the call.

I couldn’t believe it when the snow cohesiveness was good enough to climb the first pitch on Mine Mountain. I couldn’t take a bunch of weight off of the rear tire but if you sat back and pedaled hard you could fly up the trail. As the trail leveled out I couldn’t believe what was happening, the snow was still pretty deep but the way it has been thawed and refrozen has created the greatest adult play land, no studded tires or ribbed condoms required.

As we powered up Mine faster than we ever have before Dennis said “Watch those downhills” and sure enough I was really puckered coming down.

Next it was off to the Airstrip which was magnificent with the top turns being clear and the bottom completely covered. When I stopped by the tree ride at the bottom of the Airstrip you could actually ride in-between the two trees on the snow. Then I got off the bike and almost killed myself. Walking on the surface with bike shoes proved quite difficult.

Off up Johanna and again I have never climbed so well as it was as though the road had been paved overnight. Then the fun ensued, Johanna was a roller coaster ride, with the snow being so hard it is as though there were no trails, only a big blanket of white to turn over and you could rail turns and crisscross over the trail. I was laughing out loud when I stuck my front wheel into a fallen tree and went sailing over the bars. As I hit the ground I started sliding next to Dennis while he was still riding. Apparently there were spots where the freeze left it super slick and almost immediately Dennis also hit the ground.

I was slightly more cautious after this but hit the ground another time. The snow was so compact and frozen that my handle bar smacking the surface hardly left a scratch. We ended up having to post hole and ice climb up some steeper stuff but I can’t imagine having a better time on the bike. At one point I slipped and started sliding on my feet back down the trail. I had to fall and use my bike to arrest my fall. Everywhere on the trails you can see where animals have crossed and how they make their paths in the woods. Once it thaws it is going to be awful but if it is cold go have some incredible turns on the craziest snow I have ever seen.

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