Monday, February 11, 2008

Reasons to <3 this week

While most people are gearing up to stay warm with their sweeties, buying chocolate, over-priced flowers (If GW really wanted to stimulate the economy, why didn’t he just declare another holiday?), one-choice dinners, cards that say nothing even remotely close to how you feel, red and pink everything, I will be obsessing over how many lighters I will need for 36 hours of biking in Pisgah in February. Have you noticed a little over obsessive compulsive behavior around lately? Well get used to it.

So I am dedicating this week’s posts to the major ironical reasons to love the week of February 11 – 17 2008.

My number one reason I heart this week is because my idol called me out expressly in his blog today. THANKS TEAMDICKY, YOUR NUMBER ONE!! For what it’s worth, Dicky must be REALLY SCARED of clowns.

My other number one reason to heart this week is because I will be taking a day off work on Friday so that I can set up camp with Dennis (the other member of Team Safety First) at White Pines Friday morning.

My last number one reason to heart this week (for today), drum roll paaaaaallllleeeaaassseee:

I re-injured my rib doing the downhill at the Icycle. Yah the rib that so lovingly met with a big round log at the top of Star Gap last year, it hurts again. It really screws up my Three Amigos Salute too. When you wince before the pelvic thrust, it just doesn’t do the salute justice.

Stay tuned in this week and maybe you can find some reasons to really heart February 11 – 17.



dicky said...

The Icycle hates ribs.

Sad to hear about your Three Amigos difficulty. I know how important signing to my fellow amigos is to me, I can't imagine going a day without it.

Oh yeah....


cornfed said...

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of small children like clowns. What was the scariest part of poltergeist? The clown.

53x11 said...

Good Luck this weekend. You are a braver man than I. -Damon

D K**** said...

red and pink?? didn't know my new ride had inspired you that much!


...that lil pink beatch is gona be all red on sunday cause she definitely won't be a virgin anymore!!!