Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Perfect Night

For two hours last night, I didn’t have poison ivy, wasn’t a software engineer, didn’t have any problems or concerns, I was just a mountain biker. That is what singletrack and the Stone Cold Sober Monkey can do for me.

When I walked into the shed last night I started to lay out all my ailments to SCSM when she snapped at me and said “Take two hours on me and call me in the morning.” What can I say? I love riding.

The trails were perfect at Paris last night. It is the benefit of having an highly drainable trail system right in town. The best part was that the weather had scared all the usual suspects away and I had the park to myself. I made a complete circuit in a little under two hours.

I am official, no matter what I get to ride on a ribbon of single track that I have never laid rubber on this Saturday. I am registered in open men, should be a great time.


Stephen said...

Welcome to the Snake!! you are going to love it,

Robert said...

i'll keep an eye out for you at snake, thanks for staying out of the SS category, i have enough people in front of me as it is. we're staying at the bunkhouse saturday night and riding parts of bear creek and pinhoti 1, 2, 3 depending on how we feel on should join us

Palmetto Solo said...

Yeah, we managed a 2 hour stroll in downtown Cola last night. A few sprinkles early then windy as hell. I'll take a positive 2 hrs on the ss anyday.

Thomas Gaines said...

Its a great, yet unrelenting ride! One deserving of a frothy finish!
Enjoy, wish I cold join, but I have to work this weekend (trade show.)