Friday, February 08, 2008

Icycle Photo Dump


cornfed said...

So, is my boy JutRut nipping #13 or getting crushed by him? The wonders of still photography, either story could be believed.

Sad I missed it. You making Snake in March?

ExtrmTao said...

Since Mr Cook had gears and was racing expert. . . doesn't really matter and apprently ole Jut Rut had already closed the gap 8-)

If TMHTE doesn't kill me, I will be at the SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSnake. I can't let all you guys bounce off those rocks alone.

cornfed said...

Sweet. Shoot me an email if it looks like you're heading over to get bitten.

We'll be well stocked and most likely camping in the gravel lot. What's ours is yours.

Good luck at TMHTE ya sadist.

Anonymous said...

Cook deserved the same shot twice? Heck, he and the Cissy Missy wussed out of the Village before dark.