Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Got The Itch?

I haven't had it in quite a few years but the ivy from the trail work day on Saturday did me in. Now I sit here at my desk trying to create a zen cacoon around myself and push out the bad thoughts.

If you didn't know, the ultra-sport is underway and everyone is doing fabulous. Jill is setting a rocking pace and if she keeps it up, she has a chance at the women's record!

What is the ultra sport you ask? OHhhhhhh, just a tiny little race of 350 miles in the back country of Alaska. Fat tires are a must as well as a layer of fat to keep you warm. You can choose to run with a sled, cross country ski or bike the mileage.

Some of the racers will be completing the entire route of 1,100 miles. However, there is one cat that is not racing but on his own quest to complete the entire route completely unsupported. In a world that is unforgiving, Mr. Curiak pushes the limits by setting his own bounderies. Yes, carrying absolutely everything he needs for 1,100 miles of snow, ice, moose and god knows what else. I have followed their preperations and am highly jealous of their endeavors. However, that is the etpitome of real time updates and technology that we live in. If we can't be there, we can at least go outside in our swim trunks tonight and imagine. . .

Stay warm and Godspeed Gentlemen and Ladies!


Stephen said...

hey, sorry to hear about the ivy, Burt's Bees poison ivy soap works great,

Palmetto Solo said...

So does the old time Lye soap. You can kind it at most roadside markets, farmers market or hardware store. It's much cheaper than anything on the market. Take it from someone who has PI most of the year. Remember the itching is mind over matter. Remind yourself it doesn't itch. Good luck this weekend