Monday, September 24, 2007


Jody, Ben, D.C. and I all met up at Turkey Pen for a quick ride this Sunday. Our route:

66 Jumps, Mullinax, Squirrel Gap, Horse Cove, Cantrell Creek Trail, Squirrel Gap, Mullinax, 66 Jumps

It was the first ride I had been on in awhile that was all Pisgah Single track. Those trails really make you work for your miles. Squirrel is a narrow strip of a trail that is littered with tough rock moves and downed trees. Every bug that would buzz my head left me with the paranoia of hornets but we made it out with no stings this time.

It was a fine day to be out even though I personally had “the leans.” This is a disease on the bike that causes you to lean in toward the upslope at all times thinking that you might be preventing a fall but instead, you are just messing up all the lines.

Can you hear that? There are kids all over the nation right now saying “I dare you, NO! I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!!!


allan said...

Good luck and have fun at that crazy ass race this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard anyone say "The Leans" since 1998 - where'd you get THAT term from?

ExtrmTao said...


Deep within the realms of my skull. . .