Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Days Without The Car

I am fortunate enough to work from home on most Monday’s and Friday’s. So since I live downtown I am able to do just about everything I need without a car on those days.

Yesterday was no exception as I rode my bike to the local Jimmy John’s for a sandwich at lunch and when it came to dinner I figured I would ride my bike over to the new Publix and grab something.

I had walked to the Publix before so I guess I didn’t realize that there are no bike racks of any type. Not even a small pole to lock your bike to. In a city where the National Cycling Championship was just held and a city that touts itself as being biker friendly pushing for bike lanes etcetera. This makes me wonder what they are thinking over there as the Jimmy John’s has bike racks.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt and just think to myself that they are still in their infancy and they will be installing them soon. I will make it a point to say something to customer service when I walk over next time. They do sell beer and wine on Sundays so I can't get to upset.

So I didn’t stop at Publix and I made my way over to Barley’s where I knew I could at least lock my bike up on a pole. I ran into Jay over there and he said I should have taken up two parking spots by locking my bike to some shopping carts. Not a bad idea.

I had a good urban assault ride last night. Somebody has really been adding to the boyscout trails over in Cleveland Park. However, I did finally notice that there is a “No Mountain Bikes” sign that was finally put up on the Sierra Club Park "Fernwood Nature Trail" at the end of the park. I knew that would happen eventually as it says no mountain bikes online but never had a sign up in the park. Oh well, we have to stay out of there now.

SORBA ride tonight @ 6:00, I will be there early if anyone can meet me at 5:00.

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cornfed said...

Our publix is the same way, what pisses me off most though is they don't let me go in with my messenger bag. They let ladies in with purses bigger than my bag, but nope, no males, even when I say it's my purse. I have to leave it at customer service, waiting in line to do so, then wait in line to get it back, after waiting in line to check out. Crazyness.