Wednesday, September 05, 2007

National Championships

There are times when I have no idea what to write and other times there is too much to write about.

This past weekend was one of those filled with lots of cycling so there is too much to write about. Saturday was a killer day as I rode a road bike for the second time in my life. However, now that I have ridden Andrew’s Ritchey twice, I am intimately familiar with the bike. Is it ok to be intimate with another man’s bike? That is another discussion entirely.

Ty, Andrew, Iris and I all met at the Meeker’s pad to start our 30 mile journey. It was a great day and we took off from downtown Greenville headed up and over Paris Mountain where the dopers would be drudging on Sunday out to 25 and 11 where my Father had driven Andrew’s truck so we could all meet up for the time trial on Saturday. Can you guess who these two dopers, oops I mean cyclists are? Extra points if you get them both right. Thanks for letting me borrow a bike!

The Friday before the time trial I had seen Soul Raisin in at Chic-Fil-A and wondered “Who is that brave kid who is wearing his kit inside a restaurant on Cherrydale?” Well since I follow Pro cycling so closely, I had no idea what his story was until Saturday. Here is Soul pounding the pavement in his re-introduction into cycling:

On Sunday Ben, Dad and I all hiked up Firetower through Paris Mountain State Park and out the neighborhood so we could park our butts at the top of Paris Mountain and watch the pain ensue as the Dopers hacked their way up the mountain four times.

We watched three out of the four passes and then hightailed it back downtown to catch the finish. Our timing was impeccable and we saw the Levi had opened a sizable one minute and twenty second gap on the field when we were walking to the finish line. This is the main man in Amsterdam on his way to win the National Championship.

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