Thursday, September 06, 2007

Have Ya Ever Had One Of Those Days?

There is a song from Bob and Tom that starts like that and it cracks me up. Well I didn’t have one of those days yesterday but there were some that did.

Driving up to Dupont is half the relaxation for me. I love going the back roads route up 25 and down Green River Road. After the hustle and bustle of the city, you get rewarded with mountain views all the way to the park. Green River Road is one of those mountain roads where most everyone throws a courtesy wave to the wind as you go by. It makes me happy.

I knew the crowd would be small on our ride as most of the usual suspects would not be showing. We amassed to a big group of three and took off down Reasonover. After the uphill we were just cruising along having a great time, when I came around the hairpin corner and heard someone screaming.

There were two young ladies that had left the lot before us and now one was sitting on a log while the other consoled her. Unfortunately, one of the girls had broken a finger. She did a good job of extending her arm way behind her back and not looking at the finger. They took off walking back up the trail so there was an extra bike that needed to be tended to.

I was walking my bike and Dennis’ bike down the trail when the Goat came rolling up behind me. He said “gimmie your bike” and attempted to shoulder my bike while riding his down the trail. It worked for a few yards but then Dennis was there ready to ride his bike and it was all good as we had the girl’s bike to the gravel road. Just as we were contemplating who, what, when and where two cats with Sycamore kits rolled up and said they knew the girls and they would take it from here. Good for us, we get to ride.

After that incident we escorted the Goat down Airstrip and back to the Corn Mill Shoal’s crossing as he was parked on that side. I let the Goat lead down Airstrip and holy hell we were flying down the trail pinning all the corners.

My legs were just about cooked from the past few days activities and climbing the tech on Corn Mill Shoals about killed me. After we let the Goat go, we headed back up Shoals and down Laurel Mountain to ride back down the tech on Corn Mill Shoals and take a hold of Reasonover backwards.

That is two days in a row where I didn’t really feel like riding and had fantastic rides. If I haven’t said it lately I LOVE MOUNTAIN BIKING!

Everyone hold their cups high, here is to some good healing Mojo for those that are hurt right now. You know who you are, so get better soon.


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The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

OK...That is it! I've had it up to here with bad links to my blog bro! ;) Remember the "a" between Goat and Bandersnatch as in Otherwise it was good meeting up with you using my tracking skills of sniffing dirt and reading tire tread tracks. Did I tell ya my great grandfather was Cherokee? Catch ya on teh dirt again soon!