Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Can’t Turn Down A Ride

Sorry for the lack luster postage. Sometimes life takes over and the BLOG gets left behind. I promise to take my camera to Dupont tonight for some pictures.

Late edit:

If you are dying to see pictures, take a look at Jeremy's write up of our ride on Saturday.

I have ridden every day since Saturday and I plan on riding tonight. It is so hard to turn down a good ride when the weather is so nice.

Yesterday I met Andrew downtown so we could go on an “adventure.” He is one of the key people involved in getting the swamp rabbit trail built from downtown Greenville to Traveler’s Rest and we were setting out to see if we could follow most of it out to Paris Mountain.

The first two miles are already built and just rolling asphalt like it will all be eventually. The next 6 miles would be spent walking, bushwhacking, and riding over varied terrain. I thought we were in Cost Rica for a bit as we rode across widely spaced railroad ties that were a good ways from the ground. At one point, as we were precariously perched over the ground cautiously stepping on rotted ties Andrew said “I hope we don’t hit a hornets nest.” Yeeeeeeeeeeee GAwds, I couldn’t imagine, I would surely take off running and fall to my death. Luckily that didn’t happen.

After one of our bushwhacking sessions, Andrew came up with a flat but couldn’t figure out the source. I scoured his tire as he looked at the tube and luckily due to my barrage of thorn flats in the spring, I was able to find the smallest of thorns in the tire. We were off.

This trail is going to be super cool once it is built. There is everything from Paris Mountain views to swampy creeks that made you feel like you have been transported to the east cost of South Carolina. Some spots have some really good rock out cropping. We even found some moto-cross trails that had some good single track.

We rode the trail at Furman and then made our way up the backside of Altamont. My legs were screaming from the effort as I was pedaling toward mountain bike mile 100 since Saturday. As we crested around the mountain, right where Levi and Hincappie had been racing not too long ago. Two younger cyclists (circa 12 years old) on their road bikes rode by us without any sort of hello. We were about a ¼ mile from the top of the mountain when I noticed that Andrew couldn’t let these young punks punk us. So I just sighed and followed when he attacked.

Maybe we convinced those two little roadies that to be strong, you have to ride a mountain bike 8-) What are they doing out on the road without a driver’s license anyway?


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