Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where Are All The Roadies?

Yesterday was going to be a mild day off the bike until I realized that Barley’s was having their Terrapin night for Le Tour. WEeeelll gooooolleeee, I guess a ride to downtown is in store.

It seems every time I go to get on my bike these days I am in a quandary. I can’t find this or that, where is my pump, do my tires really need air, where the hell is my CO2 head?

Yeah that’s right I took off from the house with no legit way to change a tube. We all need to tempt fate every now and then anyway right?

So after all of this hub-bub that was causing my quandaries, I packed my messenger errr uhhhh camel bak with some necessities such as, shirt, sandals, cargo shorts, bike lock, CO2 (I thought maybe I could peirce the bottle with my teeth . . .) and other sundry items.

I really need an Epic Design bag. I want to start testing one in the rigors of Pisgah when I get my wrist health back as I see this being the new way of carrying gear for masochistic races.

After all of this, I was on my way downtown via Paris Mountain so I could win the Terrapin Hincapie Jersey. It is only fitting that the person who rides to the party from the furthest destination wins the jersey right?

My legs were already sore from the weekend’s activities but the spinning felt good. When I started the ascent up Paris, I knew I was going to have to try my hardest to best the King of the Mountain at the top with the 34X15. It hurt but I didn’t walk.

From there it was an easy cruise into town where some high school chicks had a good laugh at the skinny white boy changing like superman in front of Barley’s with no phone booth. Where have all the phone booths gone?

Thanks to Andrew Meeker we actually have some bike racks in front of Barley’s now. If we could get them to move the cancer stick de-igniter station somewhere else other than right in-between bike rack that would be sweet.

A fine crew of worthy Tour De France watchers stayed around till the end of the late showing and I won the Terrapin Jersey!!! HELLS TO THE YEAAAHHHH. That’s right, I won a big turtle Jersey, fitting huh?


cornfed said...

Congrats on the turtle tunic!

The last 5 rides with 8ball have had turtles on the route. I keep holding out hope one of them will have a banjo and some rye pale, but so far we've been SOL.

Talk to Eric, his bags rock. I'd recommend getting some compression straps or dividers to help keep stuff from bouncing around inside on the rough stuff. I've got a few other design ideas rolling in my head that might make life better for you too, like a better way to carry water.

Misty said...

34x15!!! That's pretty awesome!

I did the map thing - makes it look like a longer ride....definitely doesn't look only 16 miles!

Team LandRover said...

Lucky for you that I don't still live there because I would have dominated to take the jersey. Skinny tires and gears but I would have watched le tour in my skin suit (size small) to monitor my intake, while watching my heart monitor. But I would represent. fat stick