Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It’s Always Something Stupid

It all started on Saturday night when I was trying to clean my pistons on the front brake. I had completed the process for the back brake which involves removing the pads, squenching the levers until the piston pops out of the caliper enough to remove dirt and grime from the piston itself.

I was sqeezing the front lever when the piston completely popped out of the front caliper spilling all of my priceless mineral oil on my shed’s floor. I had some spare oil around but only enough to bleed the brake, not enough to fill the hose.

Sunday I took the bike over to Sunrift for a quick fix while I awaited more oil to arrive. Monday my bike is fixed and I head over to pick it up. Tad tells me that I need to test ride the bike as the front brake pad’s might be contaminated. He tells me this while we are standing in their shed. So I hop on the bike and start riding it out of the shed when I realized there were steps leading out of the shed. No problem I thought, I am wearing dress shoes on time pedals and no helmet. My front wheel rolls down the stairs fine but when it hits the gravel in the parking lot the wheel just sticks and over the bars I fly.

My face was heading toward the gravel at a frightening pace so I threw my arms out to arrest my fall.

I head home realizing that I am not going to be able to ride as my wrist is tweaked so I go for a run. After hearing some clicks come out of the hurt wrist I scheduled an appointment with my orthopedic.

Now after my appointment yesterday I realize I will be running for four weeks at least. I have a small crack in one of the outside bones in my wrist. No cast or setting is required but I have a small brace on. It is minor for the most part but don’t look for any mountain bike reports any time soon.

I am hoping that the NORAMM will still go on in Damascus. . .



jpelton said...

Had to be the cool guy at the bike shop and ride down the stairs. ;)
Sorry to hear about the wrist. I know how bad it sucks to have to take time off the bike because of injury. Get well soon. I hear that 12oz curls of liquid asprin help with that kind of thing.

brado1 said...

You big Dummy! You can bomb down Farlow, Fly down Pilot Rock & yet get your ass handed to ya by four steps?

heal fast! good seeing you guys last night!


Robert said...

this on the eve of my return to the south?!?!?!? another ride foiled. Here's the deal, i'm in for double dare, you make sure that sissy limp wrist of yours gets healed up, and me and my yet to be pisgah oriented partner will follow you around for 24 hours of shenanigans...sound good. rest up chum, see ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to "my world". Heal quicker picker-upper: acupuncture.

My name is Stephen said...

uummmm, is the bike ok?

Misty said...

No pics of the "fly over bars" trick?