Thursday, July 03, 2008

The OuchO Continues

Well some trail advocacy was had last night as a few of us showed up to help flag the new re-route on the bottom of Airstrip.

Another trail that I will have some ownership on sweet, Clay and I took a route that included Big Rock last night. This is where we can see the fruit of our labor from last year as this trail is sweeeeeet right now. I stopped on the descent so I could capture Clay’s image and just barely had the camera out in time. It is an art form ya know.

Apparently I just don’t want to let go of this weekend. Dennis gave me a CD of pictures from this weekend and a few of the Bunny Hop images are stellar so I included them here for your pleasure. Can you tell these guys were getting high?

I also don’t want to let go of my injuries from this weekend as I had a stupid crash last night. I was by myself headed down Reasonover when I decided I would kick the bike up and jump. When I pulled the front end up I pulled waaaay to hard and pulled the bike right out from underneath me. After a quick, dismount, oh shit I better fireman roll before I hit that tree move I wallowed in my own pain on the ground and realized nothing was broken so I pedaled to the car. I hit the hurt finger again and now it throbs every four seconds instead of every eight. Lets me know I am a alive and trust me with days like these lately, I am.

Happy Independence Day!!

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