Thursday, August 24, 2006


So I guess I am now a blogger too. Why you ask? Well I am tired of emailing my race reports and then going to multiple forums to post them and not having the pictures the right size and. . . You get the point right?

Strictly speaking, this will not be a bicycle only blog. I will focus mainly on mountain biking but I will also post about vacations etc.

My first post was a picture of a log ride in Dupont State forest. This is the picture I will keep on my profile until my awesome photographer snaps another picture of me that I deem worthy.

A note about my links. I have linked to bloggers I either know personally or read often. Guitar Ted's site has a plethora of knowledge on 29'er bikes. He really seems to know his stuff. Maybe some day I will get to do a "Death Ride" with him.

Team Dicky is actually Rich and he is an "ok" biker with the skills to pay the bills. No seriously, he actually was sponsored by Race Face to do the Trans Rockies on a SS with his good buddy Josh.

Toby Porter is a fellow 29'er and a great endurance rider. I have had the chance to "ride" with/behind him a few times.

Eddie Odea is a powerful racer who recently got 4th in the 24 hour nationals. I have had the chance to race with him in things like the cowbell challenge and the Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race.

I will add my race links and maybe other bloggers later on. I mean I have only put in a couple hours on this so far so leave me alone Gosh!



Sir Belt Buckle said...

I knew it was just a matter of time! Muahahahahaha!

Yep. Well, see ya this weekend on a ride. Want to do Newberry?

Anonymous said...

So your a hot shot blogger, now. . . Congrats, looks nice ; )