Friday, August 25, 2006

One Hundred

Those words haunt my dreams at the present time. I am headed to the SM-100 next weekend and I feel prepared mentally and physically. Well as prepared as I can be considering this will be my first attempt at riding my mountain bike 100 miles. Supposedly this race has some pretty rocky terrain and isn't for the light of heart. Sounds like good fun to me.

Right now in my car I have two frames, six wheels and all the other components that go along with two bikes. I haven't ridden my CAKE since the ORAMM. This is because after the ORAMM I noticed some problems and I am awaiting a new frame. Supposedly I will have the bike in my hands some time next week. Which leaves me no time to make sure everything is tip top. Sure I could ride my newly purchased Karate Monkey, but that would be bad. I haven't had a professional fit on this bike, it only has one gear, I have ridden it less than 10 times and it is a hardtail. If you check out LyndaW's website (A super hardcore biker gal that I have yet to meet) she gives some "tips" on how to complete your first "hundie" on a mountain bike. One thing she explicitly says is "Leave your Hard Tail SS at home." Thanks for the tips LyndaW!! So with that being said I will bow very low and give the bike god's all the offerings I can offer over the next week and pray that one of the four-gazillion parts on my bike doesn't break. I might take some beer by the shop as well. A little good Karma can never hurt.

Last night I made a short run through Falls Park and then hit the gym. I will be executing some fun SS rides this weekend. I am hoping some people will come out to join me but if not I will spin it out with the animals in the park. So if you read this and you want to join me for a ride at Harbison State Forest this weekend, leave a comment on what time you can meet.


Sir Belt Buckle said...

You know I'm there, dude. It's freakin' 5:30 AM. Where are you? I'm ready to roll. Doesn't help that E had to be up this early, but whatever.

Palmetto Solo said...

Is this ride still a gogo? It's sunday am and i'm looking for some buddiesw to ride with. Leroy let me know 8032231354. Ill bring my ss.