Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's Going On?

Last Wednesday I made it out to Dupont for a little alone time with the dogs and my saw.
Before. . .
After. . .

Mine still had some snow drifts. I gawked at the sunset till it was time to go home. Two hours and only .5 mile of trail cleared in that time.

Jocassee Gorges, I heard more bitching on this ride than I have over health care.

Thanks to the time change, the dogs and I can start trail running Jones Gap again.

I have a feeling springtime won't last long in these parts.


Thomas said...

hey mr. Tomato, I have a question for your expertise in SC trails. I am interested in riding somewhere new this weekend, and was interested in Paris Mountain (coupled with a trip by some breweries in G-ville)--- or riding the F.A.T.S. trails.
So I am wondering what your outlook is on trail conditions? And, given that Paris is several hours closer, how would you compare the two? What's your recomendation? Thanks in advance for the headz up!

ExtrmTao said...


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