Monday, March 29, 2010

Rest Days

I can say for sure, that I have done what I could to prepare for this year’s version of P36 (RIP The Most Horrible Thing Ever). I can finally let “TMHTE” name go as the weather is lining up to be what some call down right beautiful even if it is to my disadvantage (my optimum cycling temperature is right around freezing).

Back when Kristin and I got home from Banff I made it a goal to train outside despite the weather we had this year. I won’t go into those details. I will just say that my way of avoiding SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is to stay outside as much as possible.

So now the weekend of P36 is quickly approaching and I am trying to calm my mind as best as possible. Its time for me to sort through gear, stare at the map and remind myself that riding circles across the 280 map is easy cheesy.

Two Saturday’s in a row I have spent most of my time helping clear trail in Pisgah. Clay asked me about my goals and expectations for P36 while we wrestled trees and limbs off of Squirrel Gap. He was dumbfounded by my response which is that I have no expectations. I like to go ride and do my best, which I plan to do and smile while doing just like last year. Wherever that takes me, so be it.

Of course, all the time and energy I put into the Gateway Park fundraising ride was basically awash. No seriously, it rained and I wasn’t about to ask people to donate money to go ride in the rain. So a small group made it out on the Swamp Rabbit and also to Clemson. I hate it when these things don’t work out but there will be other days and other rides, however I feel as though I will have to get more creative actually raising funds. Volunteer advocacy is tough but if it were easy, we probably wouldn’t have to do it.

It is something I will probably focus on more after April as this month is lining up to be hectic as always with P36, Cohutta and PMBAR.

To those who have carried saws on rides and done trail work this early season, may good trail karma come your way.

Mr. Drunken Monkey, I will see you at midnight this Friday.

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