Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nobody Go Stealin' My Idea Now. . .

SOOOOOOOO, I have heard through the grapevine that NORAMM is really starting to make its way through the local scene.

I figured I better throw something out there while I still have time.

First off I would like to say that I had my first Bear sighting in NC. It was pretty sweet and I definitely did a double take as darkness was closing in. I think the bear have caught wind of WNDC and was trying to find his way.

Shew, now where were we? Oh yeah, the third annual NORAMM. Let's see last year it was Damascus as I was healing the broken wrist. The year before it was NMR. So I haven't really decided on where this year yet but I was thinking if we started going up HeartBreak around Noon on Sunday. . . ok I am not that much of a hater but it would be quite funny. Uphill rider's have the right of way. . .

So anyway, stay tuned it will definitely be the weeked of ORAMM but not sure if the date will be Saturday or Sunday. If anyone has any suggestions on the date speak up, if anyone has any suggestions on the route, shut the hell up.

I am thinking of charging $5.00 this year. What do you get for your $5.00 you may ask? Well, you need to bring your five spot to me along with your bottles that you are carrying for the day and I will abruptly pour your bottles out onto the gravel and fill them with beer as this is a no water ride, DUH.


jpelton said...

I'm in!!!
Saturday is better than Sunday.

Jut Rut said...

werd yo! missed ya at ED9. see you at nooramm. water, who needs that shite..

The Evil MGE! said...

Wilson wait...I'll shut the hell up! But really, take em to Wilson's.

cornfed said...

just wanted to comment because the word verifcation is proup and didn't want to waste it.