Thursday, June 04, 2009

It Has To Be Told

Last night at WNDC we have a great ride and then the fun times commenced. I had taken a couple extra trails at the end of the ride after everyone left me spinning by my lonesome back to the car. So of course when I show up, everyone is in relax mode and I was asked if I had a hanger in my car.

It turns out some high school kid had locked his keys in his car. Well we were chilling watching this not-so-adept car thief while waiting for a hiker in our group to return.

So as we sip our beverages we watch as the plan of action went from cell phone calling to trying to break into the car. Eventually DG in our crew suggested that a detachable truck or car antennae could be used to get the keys.

Then with a loud pop one of the kids had pulled off a truck antennae and started trying to wedge it into the window of the car. Hope you don’t like listening to the radio mister.

As dusk grew ever darker our hiker party showed up and cheers came from the high school crowd. However, they were premature in their celebration as the car was not unlocked.

This frustrated the young soul to use the utmost dire technique in locked car key retrieval. A LFR (Little Fucking Rock) was grabbed and tossed at the window, no breakage. So a SBFR (Slighty Bigger Fucking Rock) was grabbed and thrown at the window twice, no breakage. MIT may not take this kid’s application but at least he was persistent.

Our group of Mechanical Engineers couldn’t take it anymore. As it was truly dark (we had flashlights or the teenie boppers would have been dead in the water) our group used flashlights and a slightly more experienced antennae key retrieval technique and within 10 minutes, voila car is open. Celebration and “thank you’s” flowed like the Salmon of Capistrano.

AHHHHHHHHHH WNDC, you never let me down do you.

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brado1 said...

we're doomed , today's yutes... dumb as hell and gettin' dumber... missed yall last night, especially the after party @ J's casa ... good times, good times

btw, i signed you up for everything! thanks