Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Time Off

For my own musings, I need to sit back and reflect on what has happened thus far in 2008. You see, I am not a racer in any form. I am a recreational mountain biker that happens to be in good enough shape to finish upper/middle of the pack in Endurance races and last in Cross Country. “Racing” for me, really does nothing besides ensuring that I am in a particular shape at different points in the year. Prime time for me is normally fall through winter as I don’t take too well to the Southern heat wave during the summer.

In years past, most of my racing accomplishments were simply finishing races without dying. This year I am starting to realize that I can finish some races and with proper nutrition, not feel like death. This was the first PMBAR where I can say that I didn’t feel like puking coming down Black in the end. I am a desk jockey after all but for some damn reason my desk/computer never breaks. Maybe I should get one made of Aluminum or Steel. . .

Sorry about that, I got side tracked, back onto the topic here:

I have competed in the following races so far in 2008:


FATS benefit Ride

The Most Horrible Thing Ever

Snake Creek Gap Time Trial

Race to the River

Cohutta 100


That’s 360 + miles and 370 or there about dollars. Damn, only a few more miles in TMHTE or PMBAR and I would have equaled out to $1.00/mile. In today’s mountain bike market, that seems to be a fair deal. The only way this happens for me is to compete in some free races like TMHTE.

That’s a lot for me already this year. I attribute most of my fitness to getting ready and competing in The Most Horrible Thing Ever. I honestly think that combined with my Tuesday night rides to Paris and back has been what put me on top of my game this year. It has been rare, that I ride more than four times a week.

I have also broken two Steel Surly frames and most recently a Bontrager handlebar. I had a comment on Monday’s race report that said I should shop for a fork. Ummmmm No, the last thing I need is more moving parts that spew oil onto the forest floors. Its not that I am some crazy maniac that thinks technology is bad, I just don’t see where putting suspension on a frame that comes with a rigid fork will alleviate any problems. It may prolong some problems but it will not alleviate them.

I do have a yearning for gears and suspension. I sometimes miss the feeling of truly flying through the woods. Big ringing downhills while floating on a cushion of air is quite nice. I haven’t felt that in almost two years now. I just can’t justify altering my UDM, I will always have a Karate Monkey (As long as SURLY always makes one) and it will always be rigid.

I have no particular plans for the rest of the year. I have not signed up for another race in 2008. The next “event” on my schedule is to accomplish a task that I have yet to complete. I will be riding the NORTH/SOUTH trail sometime during Memorial Day weekend in Land Between the Lakes (LBL). I have always wanted to complete this 65+ mile out and back but never really had the motivation nor time while I was vacationing at the Lake. This year will hopefully be different as I have met some new nut cases/friends out of TN that are likely candidates to participate in such a silly notion during “vacation.”

Something will probably come along that I want to do but for now I just plan on riding and continuing trail work and Advocacy with SORBA. I have to tally my trail hours this year but I know I am already pushing 60+ for 2008 and I can’t wait for National Trails Day but that is another topic altogether.



Luis G. said...

4 days a week? That's training right there boy...

Good job at PMBAR...until the next one...

Robert said...

congrats on PMBAR, can't wait to see you out there riding your Smoke. The only thing SSUSA/DSG was missing was a loud mouthed south carolinian, hopefully schedules don't coincide next year

cornfed said...

Luckily there was a load mouthed texan and a smack talking tennessean to fill his shoes