Sunday, May 11, 2008

Could We Get a Tube Over Here?

A great group of folks met up Saturday morning for a loop of Old Toll Road to Heart Break.

What can be said of this old toll road’s climb? Let it be known that I had my only fall up-hill and it caused me to pinch-leak my tubeless Mountain King on the back wheel. I was able to pedal through the seeping and seal the tire back up with a little CO2. Six other tubes would not be so lucky today. That’s right six flats while descending Heart Break.

Some profiles from David George.

Dennis Kuntz, showing us how to roll the steep switchbacks coming down Heart Break.

Eric and Stephen rocking out the last bit of the climb before the overlook.

The prettiest bike move I have seen in awhile was performed by Eric. The old toll road has one downhill during its menacing climb and it is super fun. You get going really fast and then the trail shoots you through some Rhododendron tunnels at speed. As you come out of one of the tunnels, the trail leans into a corner and quickly you realize that the log bridge coming up is really a half-ass death trap. Jeremy had stopped to warn everyone on this ride and laid his bike down in the middle of the trail. When Eric came speeding around the corner he rode a wheelie across the logs only to bunny hop Jeremy's bike to safety.
Good times on a beautiful day.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pic Jonathon! Great ride.