Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1,000 Push-Ups or One Stump To the Chest

So with all the bonking out of the way on Saturday, I was really looking forward to a low-key ride at Dupont with family and friends on Sunday.

A last minute plan was formed, and we corralled at Fawn Lake, some of us by bike, others by car, who rides a road bike to a mountain bike ride anyway? Weird, was it ride to your ride week last week?

Kristin and I had made it early, so I set off up Mine Mountain for a quick loner loop. As always I pronounced my religion over and over in my head “love Mountain biking, love mountain biking, love mountain biking. . . “

Quickly after that, Clay, David George (by bike), Zach (by bike) Cook and Kristin were all ready to ride. Two people were missing so we just made our way on without them.

Kristin had her first taste of what mountain biking is like when a descent sized group is involved. Heading straight up Mine Mountain to complete her second loop of:

Mine Mountain -> Airstrip -> Shelter Rock -> Corn Mill Shoals to Bridal Veil falls -> Bridal Veil Falls Road -> Barn Trail -> Shelter Rock -> Conservation Road -> Lake Julia Road -> Reasonover

WOW, that’s a pretty big loop for a second time Dupont rider!!

After Mine Mountain, I made the quick dash back to the cars to pick up Meghan and Shane. I directed them on the proper route back to everyone and we all re-grouped on the Airstrip itself.

I followed Shane down airstrip and man can he ride for a big boy on a singlespeed! I knew I would have some extra time for the log roll at the bottom of the hill. I flubbed it up a couple times but kept at it. My third attempt netted a clean shot on and off the log but when I landed my back wheel decided to spew some Stans. I aired it back up and made some rude comments to Meghan, bad Karma.

Let me set the stage here as this is quite amusing in lieu of my own safety. The log roll at the bottom of airstrip is pretty easy but also pretty easy to screw up. There are two large logs about 3 feet in circumference from the same tree running parrellel to each other. A smaller log runs parallel to the large logs off to the left but doesn’t start until ¾ of the way down the bigger logs.

There is also a stump, presumably from the same tree that sits at the end of the middle log. The stump makes a nice huck at the end of the middle log as it is the same height as the log but not attached. The middle log is set up to be roll-able on the upside and then you can either speed up and huck the 3 feet back to earth off the stump at the end or try to transition to the smaller log to roll off. Most people I know roll up the middle and huck the log/stump combo at the end..

So after my crude comment, I set up to roll the log again. I transition up onto the log nicely. I start to stand as to give the cranks a couple hard strokes so I can make a run for the end stump huck. Just as I am relaying power into the drive side pedal and pulling with some might on the handle bars, I feel the back wheel shoot off the log in-between the two large logs as I am propelled over the bike headed face first toward the stump.

Short of a miracle, I am able to stretch like Gumbi and get my face over the stump only to hit the stump chest first with all of my inertia causing the stump to roll over along with me onto the ground. I am sure it looked as though I was sumo chest flogging the stump while performing a chiropractor’s backbend delight. I flopped over onto the ground thinking I had hurt myself. After a few seconds I realized I was only bruised. At the end of the ride, Cook pointed out that you could see the outline of the stump on my chest. Monday morning it felt like I had done 1,000 push ups and tricep curls.

I did get back up and ride the damn thing again. I couldn’t let it best me like that. Never go to sleep thinking you can’t ride a log. . .

Since the small freak show had commenced, we continued on our ride. I was impressed with how much of the climb up Reasonover (coming from the lake) Kristin was able to handle. About halfway up, the storm came rushing in on us and we rode the last bit in the cold rain. Luckily, with the rain came motivation and we were back at the cars in quick time. Another great day in the woods was had by all.

My favorite quote of the day by Kristin after the ride: “Riding your bike on Reasonover is sooooooooo much faster than hiking.” I can’t wait to hear what she has to say when we ride it in the “fun” direction.

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My name is Stephen said...

one stump to the chest is sooooo much faster than 100 push ups too!!!