Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Pictures are from Kristin and me during a hike this past Monday. Can you believe this boy's tounge?

Last night I stopped by Sunrift on my way to Paris with UDM. I am trying to procure some children’s bikes for the Friends and Family Day at Paris mountain. UpState SORBA is participating in the day by setting up a booth and we are looking to include some activities along with children’s rides.

After talking with them I took off on my normal route to Paris. Once inside the park I took a new to me route down Firetower to Kanuga but I took a right hand turn headed toward Brissy. From there I rode all the way down Pippsessewa. Incorporating those three trails together makes for a pretty hefty downhill.

Last weekend I made the leap for some Ergon grips. I had been skeptical but after talking with some of my friends who also ride non-springy bikes I thought I would give them a shot. I took the advice of a seasoned veteran on the bike and left the grips loose on the handlebars the first few rides so I could adjust them appropriately. Up until last night, I liked them but I didn’t think I would leave them on for everyday riding.

Well last night I made a few more adjustments to the angle at which they are parked on the handlebars and wow what a difference. They even felt good through the little tech spots.
After going around the lake, I decided I would try my chances at climbing the steep section of Kanuga back up to Firetower. Holy cow this is a mother of a climb. There was one spot that I had to hoof it for about 20 yards to get around a steep muddy section but other than that I made it up no problem. Besides the fact that I sounded like I was going through labor, I was giving birth to a new climb. It felt pretty good even with the 34X21 which I think might be the magical number for Cohutta


Anonymous said...

Preparation H! yeah the climb from the Lake up Kanuga is hefty one, sorry missed ya Sunday


Palmetto Solo said...

Are those the rocks you perfect your made Jedi Skills on? Your force is strong, sorry that might be your smell.

Thomas Gaines said...

I don't know your email, but I wanted to drop a note to let you know that I am heading to Pisgah with a few friends this weekend. We plan to set up camp Saturday and do an easy ride. Sunday there are a few others from Knoxville heading in to Pisgah to join us for a ride from Laurel Mountain to Black Mountain, climbing both.
Would love the company if you want in.
tgaines72 at hotmail dot com

Thomas Gaines said...

you too brado?