Friday, April 11, 2008

Are You Ready?

Wednesday’s ride put me in the hurt cave pretty bad. After close to 40 on Sunday and 30 on Tuesday the 23 on Wednesday had me screaming for my mommy.

There were plans of “going easy” and “if you want to go hard, just wait for us.” Those sorts of comments don’t ever seem to fly for this group.

I tagged my second squirrel at Dupont on Wednesday. It was as we were headed down the fast section into the new ridgeline. There was going to be no swerving at upwards of 20 mph in the woods. I saw him come from my right and I tried to extend the bike to keep from hitting him but I got him with the back wheel. ZB said the little guy ran off though so I guess I didn’t help Clemson with their new project of birth control for squirrels. Death is a form of birth control is it not?

Thanks to the illustrious DG we now have pretty pictures and numbers to look at again. For those of you racing the Race to the River this weekend, I will see you there.

If you are in the NC/SC area this weekend you better go do the Save the Trails challenge this weekend. The course is pretty awesome considering I designed it myself. Let me clear my throat, eha eha.

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The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

Yo, my legs were still screaming at me from Sunday's race on the Dragon and I had class in Asheville Wednesday so I just hit the Asheville Super Hwy for some quick fun recovery miles. Good luck at the River. Catch up with ya soon. Pisgah 100 has been moved to May.