Friday, January 18, 2008

SCS Monkey

Do you hear something?

As most of you know my late bicycle’s name that my buddy donned her with was Drunken Monkey. I had an epiphany last night and figured that she broke because her hand was too close to the narcotics.

Therefore I have named my new Monkey, Stone Cold Sober Monkey.

I had some fun with pictures yesterday. I will caption them.

I wish I could carve turns like this!
My neighbor really knows how to let the kids have fun. When the sled would get to the corner Kenny would yell Hiyah Hiyah, the horse would take off and the sled would come whipping around the corner like a slalom skier.


Stephen said...

hmmm, long ride in the snow, sounds tempting, can I let you know last minute, or just show up?

The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

I appreciate the invite but if roads are fair enough I'm working Saturday. I'll be out Sunday at the Fish Hatchery, 1pm if ye interested. Should be some good snowy trail riding waitin either day.

Anonymous said...

Is that SCS Jonathan too, or just the Monkey?
I swear I am going to make it up there for an epic one day soon. The stars just have not aligned yet.

Palmetto Solo said...

Yeah Joe I'm waiting on the star thingy too?