Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jonesin' For A Gap

I really could not have busted my frame at a better point in time. I don’t think too many have been making it out for rides in this winter wonderland we are having. Although I do miss the chance to don my snow gear and go for a ride.

I drug some friends up to the top of the Hospital Rock trail at Jones Gap last Saturday. It was an awesomely cloudy day that would eventually clear up.

New Year’s Eve we made it up to the gap again for a hike to the overlook.

Shade Monster finally poses for a picture!

Some nice clouds filled the valley early in the morning.
The Chapel at Pretty Place.

Chillin' at the overlook.
Frank a.k.a. I can find that ball no matter where you throw it. . .
For some, it was there first hike. Some techy spots out there as I don't like to hike where I could ride.
Steely Cool D.G. chillin' by Hospital Rock.
If you keep your eyes peeled, the forest is a grown man's jungle gym.

Notice the difference in technniques. Photo credit for the vine pictures goes to David George.


Thomas Gaines said...

cool dog. looks like shade the brindle pup had fun, and did a nice job smiling for the camera.

allan said...

Sweet looking pup. Hmmmm..looks like a guy can have fun in the woods without a bike. Who knew?