Thursday, January 17, 2008

SC Snow

I really do love it when it snows in South Carolina. Somehow it just doesn’t seem right and even “other worldish.” Once while living in Charleston I saw snow on a palm tree, which was freaky.

The forecast was snow in the mountains starting around 6, so I figured we could still get a ride in, enjoy the sights and make it back in time to enjoy ourselves in the white stuff.

Dennis, Shade and I headed out with no particular plan in mind. Dennis had spoke with one of the rangers and another biker, they thought we were nuts but in all actuality it was the best time to be out as the ground was frozen and the trails were flying.

We ultimately completed the following loop:

Reasonover -> Lake Julia Road -> Shelter Rock -> Airstrip -> Laurel Mountain -> Corn Mill Shoals -> Shoals -> Laurel Ridge -> Airstrip -> Lake Julia Road -> Reasonover

It was Shade’s first full night ride and he had no problem keeping up in the dark. Dennis and I would stop for a second and there he would be trotting up after a few seconds. We both commented on how quickly he as gained strength and speed.

As the ride wore on I was concerned we wouldn’t get to see any snow. I had noticed my back tire going flat the day before and had pumped it up in the lot but tubeless was to no longer hold on my older Nevegal. Coming to the airstrip the second time my back wheel was too squishy so I stopped to put a tube in it.

As we came back up Reasonover it started precipitating a tiny bit, by the time we got to the top of the trail it was snowing. It was hard enough to make me squint to keep the flakes out of my eyes. I let Shade run in front of me and he was loving it. He was jumping up grabbing the flakes out of the air with his mouth. As always it created a Star Wars feel to the night.

When we got home there was a couple inches of powdery snow on the ground and Shade stayed outside frolicking in it for a couple hours before he wanted in. This morning the temps had warmed and the snow was too wet for fun. When I took Shade out he stepped in the snow as though his little princess feet couldn’t handle the slush. Its good to know he is a powder hound too!


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