Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Snow Is All Gone

Summertime is here just in time for short rides. Long drawn out rides are for the winter time when the air is crisp, cool and bug free. I am crossing my fingers that I am on the healing side of my injuries and I am feeling a desire to ride often.

So despite what you may think, I am still riding and having a good time. The best ripping descent I have had in a long time was on Trace Ridge this past Sunday. DG and I were out tooling around with the dogs and after our hike up Spencer Branch I announced that I was lethargic. DG argued that his lethargy could trump mine so I took the lead. After the initial climb to the actual top, I was refreshed to see that a smooth laser beam of a line has been carved into this trail goddess.

Thoughts of being tired flew off of me and soon I had that unmistakable feeling of flying through the woods. It was all over way too soon but it re-awoke the desire to go fast.

W.N.D.C. has been going on with or without you. It’s a self-sustaining club, now if we could only build trails this way. I am a futuristic thinker.

Last night a good group met up for a jaunt through Dupont:

Fawn Lake -> Reasonover -> Camp Summit -> Airstrip -> Shelter Rock -> Corn Mill Shoals -> Bridal Veil Overlook (out and back) -> Burnt Mountain -> Corn Mill Shoals -> Longside -> Pine Tree -> Sheep (Baaaaaaaaa) Mountain -> Buck Forest -> Conservation Road -> Fawn Lake

It was HOT, fast, hot, slow, humid, hot and finally nice in the water.

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brado1 said...

Really? the snows all gone? Really?