Monday, May 10, 2010

Why Did I Do That?

So this weekend started off with a bang, literally. Next thing I knew, I was running my first 5K in a race format ever. With close to 3,000 people at the start line, I only concentrated on not getting tripped up for the first ¼ mile and not re-injuring my ankle. It was maddening with people everywhere so as soon as I saw a hole, I took off way too fast.

I couldn’t really refuse this challenge as it was only a few miles from my house so I rode my bike to and from the race while also running the 5K that supports the Swamp Rabbit that has finally opened from end to end making downtown Greenville accessible to me via 13 miles of greenway. All it takes for me to get to the greenway is three miles of 35 mph road. I am also currently working on a project to help improve Gateway Park for “Flowy” types so it wasn’t hard to throw down $11.00 for a good cause.

I forgot how much farther things seem on foot and got lost trying to follow the course prior to the race on my bike. Eventually, I found the missed turn and realized there were two significant hills on the course. I figured if I could power up those two hills, I would be home free for a fast cruise to the finish.

My ankle felt fine while running so I let it all hang out the best I could. I have not trained for shorter events so I was in significant pain when I passed mile marker one at 6:48. Mile marker two came at mid fourteen minutes. All I had left was a very gradual climb up the swamp rabbit to the finish for the final 1.2 miles but I was spent. Guys pushing strollers started passing me, small children that came up to my knees went flying by and I just suffered.

I was so spent at the finish I didn’t even look at my time, however I saw on the website today that I came in at 23:45. So I ran the last mile in 9 minutes, that’s ugly!

Sunday was one of the shortest mountain bike rides all year with the dogs. They loved the 90% single track route picked especially for Shade. We flew around the loop and made it home a little after Noon.

Fisherman’s Trail -> Trace Ridge -> Spencer Branch -> 50?? -> Lower Trace -> Fisherman’s

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Toby Porter said...

Oh the humor. Those damn knee high youngins always seem to lurk on the older prey. It was a good attempt. Glad to hear that about the Swamp Rabbit GW. So I guess Clay & I will be seeing you at Rock 2 Rock at the end of the month. Sounds good.

wv: or shilie