Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trail Running Helmet?

**All pictures are from the NORAMM Damascus trip**

What Have I Been Doing? I have been attempting to improve my fitness through alternate means. I had hoped that I would be able to ride at this point as it has almost been four weeks since I hurt my wrist. However, along with some stupid moves, the healing process has been slow and I want to make certain that I am able to ride during my favorite season which is right around the corner.

Last week, I was able to get out on Tuesday after the Vegas trip and try the Overlook Loop at Jone’s Gap State Park. I honestly don’t know all of the exact statistics but I do know that this loop gains 1,200 feet in the first two miles of trail. Then it levels out with some more moderate climbing and once past the overlook it is mostly downhill for the remaining 1.2 miles. So I am guessing that this run is ~5 miles with 1,500 feet of climbing. I made it a personal goal to be able to finish this loop in less an hour and a half by the end of September.

Last Tuesday I felt like utter poop the entire loop with temps being high and a HARD weekend of partying under my belt. I was able to pound out the loop in an hour forty-three minutes.

Yesterday I felt real good, the temps were lower than I ever thought they would be for August and I killed the loop. My split time to the overlook was 9 minutes faster than the previous week and I was running much more rather than fast hiking. I completed the loop in one hour twenty-eight minutes crushing my goal more than two and a half weeks early. I am a little nervous about making any loftier goals as speed becomes exponentially harder to gain on this trail due to its steepness and I have been rolling my ankles trying to run to fast. I will just press on without a goal in mind hoping to run the much steeper ups as I gain more fitness.

I did receive the EPIC Design bag in the mail but I have yet to fit it to the bike as I have a hard time looking at bikes during my hiatus. I will report on the bag soon though as I know my fan base is just dying to know.

I posted some of my older stuff on Ebay as you can see in my new gadgets to the right. If all goes well, the revenues from these sales will be put toward good use. Who knows what I have up my sleeves but its not going to be the same old Undead Drunken Monkey. . . If anyone is dying to own a brand spankin’ new 20” Karate Monkey frame, I have one, I am just not committed to selling that fine piece of steal on Ebay just yet. This is my spare, so don’t go worrying that I am selling all of my bikes. Hit me up if you are local or a good blogger friend, we could possibly work out a deal. This bike has not been out of the box and comes with a fork.

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