Friday, August 08, 2008

Endurance Training

Last Thursday - Friday I stayed up for 30 hours with many hours of dancing involved.

This week I have gotten 10 miles of trail running in on 100+ days of heat.

I did the overlook loop at Jones Gap in one hour forty-three minutes. It will be difficult but I plan to have this down to an hour and a half by the end of the month.

Last night I met Brad for our version of Dirty Thursday, the downhill at Paris will be sweet. I wasn't able to do much so I left Brad to his own demise and ran with the dogs for a short fast loop.

Late edit **I almost forgot, my Epic Bag is paid for and shipped. I received this email from Eric yesterday:

I tried a new way of doing the internal straps that you requested. I used side release buckles instead of just velcro straps. If they are too long you can just cut them down.Its hard making bags for 20" karate monkeys, I always want to keep them for myself!

I had asked him to make some modifications for my particular needs. Nothing beats custom.



Palmetto Solo said...

I would like to come up th G'Vegas for a run. Caught wind of a 6k at Paris Mtn. this past weekend. If memory serve me right there is to be an 11k sometime at Paris. Hit the trails twice this weekend on foot. It was a blast for staying close to home.

cornfed said...

this post is worthless without pics. Let's see the epic bag!!!

Did you get internal straps to help hold it all in place? Us bag junkies want to know...

ExtrmTao said...

Calm down Cornfed, the post is coming. I received the bag in the mail last night. Its hard to get pumped about anything while I can't ride. 8-)

Anonymous said...

nearly a month without a post?

yer fuggin' lame - forcing me to work!